How to apply for TDS Refund?

TDS is deducted by the client at the time of payments and is deposited with the Income Tax Department as tax deducted on behalf of the person/entity to whom the payment is being made.

Most of the service providers do not object to TDS deductions, as it is allowed to be claimed as a credit after filing the Income Tax return. The only condition to this is that the balance amount after filing the income tax return is required be to taxable and TDS refundable.

Let us now understand the Procedure for applying for TDS Refund

TDS Refund is not a preformat based application. A taxpayer becomes eligible for TDS refund once s/he files his income tax return and in that, they should be able to detail out the calculation of his payable income tax and also the total TDS which is been deducted over the period for which income tax return is filed.

Once the books are updated and the above details are refurbished, any accounting software will automatically reflect the refundable amount of TDS and the same will be refunded in a certain period of time.

On filing the income tax return, when a tax payer mentions about any dues in the form of TDS refund, the income tax officer takes time to sanction the refund. However, the refund comes with an additional interest of 6% per annum in the cases where payable refund is more than 10% of the total tax payable in the same financial year.

An intimation is sent to the tax payer under section 143(1) with the refund with the details of the computation of interest. The tax payer can connect with the income tax officer in case of dissatisfaction with the interest paid.

Previously some cases were noticed where some agencies asked the taxpayers for their bank details on approval of income tax refunds. Such cases were reported as scam and the Income Tax department alarmed the tax payers to not indulge into such emails or phone calls. The Income Tax department maintains that once a refund is approved, it is automatically credited to the provided bank details.

Some of the discrepancies occur due to the mistakes in return filing, the bank account closure, a wrong branch or may be typo error in your IFSC details etc., are the only reasons for delay.

Learn how to check the TDS Refund Status?

One can easily check the TDS refund status online with the help of the PAN number and the year for which the return is sought. Banks like SBI also provide status of TDS refund thru email and a toll free number.

Other significant points regarding TDS Refund include:

  • 1. You need to file income tax return to assess the refund.
  • 2. You can expect a TDS refund as soon as you file your ITR.
  • 3. Deductions made as TDS reflect in Form 16 and 16A.
  • 4. Consolidated TDS deductions reflect in Form 26AS.
  • 5. Incase, you fear that deducted TDS amount can surpass the taxable amount that year, s/he can file Form 13 in advance for Nil/Lower Deduction of TDS.

Further more, you can get in touch with us to understand the TDS Refund status and also for other Taxation related and Accounting related services. Feel free to connect to us at, or call +91-9599444630

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Outsource Your Bookkeeping and Accounting Services

Most successful business owners understand that if they really want to manage their business, they need to get comfortable with the fundamentals of bookkeeping and accounting. Many entrepreneurs who launch their own businesses start out by wearing the accountant’s hat and doing their own taxes,

in addition to doing just about everything else in the business, too. A lot of Entrepreneurs who handled bookkeeping and accounting usually discover they weren’t doing nearly as well on their own as they thought they were. Gapeseed offers recognized bookkeeping outsourcing services solutions that support end-to-end functions of bookkeeping services for Small Business & start-ups.

Some start-up incubators purport to go beyond office space and provide more diverse support services, such as bookkeeping and accounting, legal and management advice, and intellectual property assistance and is an essential part of “start-up India’ program recently launched by Indian Govt at Vigyan Bhawan in New Delhi. Ask any successful business owner or entrepreneur and they will tell you.

Cash (flow) is king
A healthy cash flow statement and a driven sales department are the life of any organisation. Your financial books can change from a positive to a negative balance, and your debt commitments, which were reasonable when you started, can rapidly become your worst nightmare.

Pro Tip: Debt should be used for generating more income (buying products on credit), and never to fund your lavish lifestyle. Outsource an authorized bookkeeper to handle your books.

Though in today’s world, it’s become easier for a layperson to keep track of a business’ finance with the advent of simple online bookkeeping services software’s, such as QuickBooks, Quicken, and Microsoft Office Small Business Accounting. But there comes a time in a growing enterprise when it makes sense to hand over responsibilities for taxes, accounting, and the rest of the financial functions to specialists.


Signs you need to outsource your bookkeeping services:

Maybe you want to better the financial function of your business.
Or perhaps your accounting software isn’t providing the type of data you need to grow your business. Having trouble switching from cash to accrual accounting?
Are your financial statements inaccurate or incomplete?

These are all good reasons to look for a qualified bookkeeping services firm.

Also, companies have seen cost savings of up to 40% by finance and accounting services outsourcing


Before hiring a firm to fix your bookkeeping and accounting services do analyse firms.

Industry expertise – Previous experience in your industry makes things much easier for both the parties involved.
Size – Size and exact need of your requirement for a proper brief and guidance.
Complexity– Nature of service required from your firm.

With access to skilled resources available on a short notice, small business can venture in to larger business ventures by unlocking their liquid capital which is locked in hiring in house staff and paying company over heads in infrastructure investments. The right accounting and bookkeeping services firm can help a business with not only tax returns, but with longer term tax planning, business planning, networking, and even personal tax planning if your still the major stakeholder in your business

Duties and responsibilities usually include:

General ledger/chart of account maintenance
Responsibility for daily transactions
Financial statement preparation and analysis
Cost accounting and variance analysis
Treasury and cash management including bank reconciliations
Payroll and fixed asset accounting

Click to know detailed list of accounting & bookkeeping services provided by Gapeseed Consulting

Further to this if you seek any further clarity , feel free to write to us on, or you can also call us at +91-9599444639.


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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services by Gapeseed proved instrumental for one of our Engineering Services. Not just for the management level but for levels from management to admin, we just matched the right company with appropriate employees.HR services and staffing firms in India are expanding their teams and operations to cater to the rapidly growing demand for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) as organisations are increasingly farming out all or part of the hiring functions to focus just on their core businesses. In India, software, technology and IT sectors are the major torchbearers for RPO growth. However with the online trend setting in, mid-sized to large online retailers in shopping, manufacturing, food marketing industry etc. are also driving demand. The ready examples of flourishing brands are Local Banya, Grofers, Big Basket, Craftsvilla, Flipkart, Amazon etc which have brought in change and are examples on ‘how resourceful the people strength could be in defining & setting up the customer satisfaction levels. And as hiring demand increases, the war for the right talent intensifies. So, more and more companies are expected to outsource their recruitment process work in the near future.

What is the exact role of Recruitment Process Outsourcing Service Provider?

RPO is a form of business process outsourcing where an employer transfers all or part of its recruitment processes to an external provider. The provider can manage the entire recruiting/hiring process essentially serving as an extension of the company’s human resources department. The providers even offer specific services that are designed to improve what the employer is already doing for recruiting or for training and other purposes. Some of the services include candidate research, compliance tracking, hiring manager training etc. RPO providers assume ownership of the design and management of the recruitment process and the responsibility of results. So, a provider will do lots more just to improve upon recruiting processes and recruiting results of the employer. This in turn makes it easier for employers to hold providers accountable and to hire the right talent for the company, instead of simply keeping positions filled.


How does Gapeseed’s RPO service deliver business value?

We are the expert staffers: Different companies demand different skilled employees. So, our RPO process starts with our clients’ goals. Our expert in staffing solutions dig deep to understand your organization and the job skills necessary for its success. We use proven sourcing strategies to identify where the talent is and how best to attract them. Our experience and expertise accelerates the acquisition of the right talent for you. We even customize our solutions and apply an approach that is appropriate for your needs rather than go with a one-size-fits-all approach.

Reach your targets thru right candidates

Whether it’s an end-to-end program, recruiter-on-demand offering, or selective RPO, we have the perfect solution for your temporary/permanent hiring challenges. This lets you increase or decrease recruitment operations quickly and effectively to fit your changing business needs.

Global Solutions for International Offices


At Gapeseed, we have clientele with international offices and our consultants are aware of all the region based talent requirements, the hiring procedures involved and also the documentation & travel requisites. Our experience and stringent recruitment process ensures we find only the best-in-class resources to support your goals. We have a deep understanding of each local market in which we serve and leverage our global network to meet your workforce needs anywhere around the world.

We go ahead with innovative approach

Based on Gapeseed’s extensive thought leadership and unique perspective on the world of work, we bring cutting-edge insight and innovation to the way we operate, keeping our clients ahead of the competitive curve. The approach also provides visibility and control over resources and cost, in the shortest time possible.

So, if you find these reasons good enough for your company, contact us and we will hop on board in no time to help you with the hiring & staffing solutions. feel free to reach us on, or call +91-9599444639/+91-9599444630


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FRRO and Taxation Services for Expats in India

Living away from home is no easy job. And we understand the difficulties involved. A new city, a new country, a new work environment and to add to it – the language and culture difference – yes that is too much to handle. The Expats in India have good news though.

Gapeseed’s Expat Services are projected to ease out the Expats in India who are here for work or business and need someone to assist them with all the visa related documentation, registration for self and businesses, expatriate taxation, remittances etc. In this post, we will detail out about the FRRO and Taxation Services for Expats in India.

Wherever you travel across the world for business, it is always best to have up-to-date information about your destination. Be it about visa guidelines, expat’s foreign registration or other mandatory documentation related to stay or taxation, we provide solutions to all of these for Expats in India. It’s not advisable to be unaware or ignorant about the regulations or the services when travelling abroad or when traveling from foreign countries to India because that may affect your trip in more than one way. In this post we would be discussing about the basics terms and regulation of expat registration and how Gapeseed Consulting provides a complete gamut of services to expats in India.

Basics of Expat Registration

The Expats in India who are on Employment Visa (valid for more than 180 days) is required to get himself registered with concerned FRRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officer) within 14 days of first arrival, the regulations are irrespective of the duration for which one is visiting. Even in other Visa types, if the Indian Visa has a condition for registration made by Indian Embassy on the Indian Visa and on Employment for less than 180 days, the Foreigners are required to be registered. Foreigners visiting India on other categories of long term Visa (valid for more than 180 days) including Business Visa would not require registration with the concerned FRRO if duration of his/her stay does not exceed 180 days on a single visit. In case a foreigner intends to stay for more than 180 days on a single visit he should get himself registered well before the expiry of 180 days.

Also, it is mandatory for all Expats in India to personally appear at the concerned FRRO office for obtaining any Visa related services.


Understanding Foreigners Regional Registration Officer (FRRO) and Documents required

The foreigner registration office is the primary agency to regulate the registration, movement, stay or departure of any Expats in India. FRRO is also the recommending authority for the extension of stay in India. Following are the documents required for Expat Registration:

    • Original valid passport and Visa along with 4 passport size colour photographs
    • Registration form
    • Photocopies of the relevant pages of passport (photo page, page indicating validity, page bearing arrival stamp of Indian Immigration
    • Undertaking letter (3 copies signed by Indian Host/ sponsor/ Guarantor along with any one valid identity document like passport, election identity card, official identity card, PAN card, etc.)
    • Proof of Residence (3 copies of either electricity bill/Telephone bill/ Municipal bill/ certificate of municipal authority/Leave & Licence agreement or any other valid proof of residence)
    • In case of registration on Employment visa, three copies of the terms and conditions of the contract of assignment, including salary, designation, tenure of employment etc.
    • In case of registration on Employment or Business Visa, three copies of PAN card or of application made for grant of PAN card
    • In case of registration on Employment or Business Visa, forwarding letter of concerned company/Firm /Business undertaking, duly signed by the authorized signatory mentioning name, designation & telephone and mobile number

You can download the Free Guide towards Expats Documentation here.


Gapeseed’s Expat Services

Gapeseed Consulting Services provides a full range of services to Expats in India. We have experienced professionals who are well versed, well traveled and experienced in the industry for providing expat related services. Our main objective is to reduce the hassle of foreigners visiting India and enabling them to focus on the purpose of the trip.

Our services to Expats in India include the following:


Foreign National Registration (FRRO Registration)

As discussed earlier, FRRO registration is a mandatory procedure when you decide to visit India from a foreign land. Gapeseed arranges for the registration with respective FRRO within the recommended timelines on arrival in India. All we need to initiate the process is the necessary documents required for the registration which is detailed above.


Expatriate Taxation

First and foremost we need to understand that expatriates does not include all the foreign citizens coming to India for employment, many of them are immigrants and not expatriates.

As per the Indian guidelines, the remuneration received by a foreign expats working in India is assess-able under the head ‘Salary’ if it is payable to him for services rendered in India as per the Section 9(1)(ii) of the Income Tax Act.

And this salary is considered liable to tax in India irrespective of the residential status of the expatriate employee and is also subject to TDS regardless of the place where the salary is actually received.

The Expatriate Taxation is managed two ways – through individuals and through the corporate who employ Expats in India. Gapeseed offers detailing to both the cases separately.

Please feel free to write to us to get a detailed recommendation document for managing the taxation for Expats in India. You can reach us through this form or call us.

For more information on FRRO and Taxation Services for Expats in India , feel free to reach us on, or call +91-9599444639/+91-9599444630

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Setting up a business in India

Can be a task but not when you have the taskmaster.

Setting up a business in India is mostly considered an uphill task, but if you have professional help, that can assist you to get your business plan

assessed as per the ethics and familiarize them fully about the licensing as well as the registration requirements, it is very much possible. Gapeseed Consulting aims to offer the most appropriate services to you right from the beginning until you entirely settle the business of your preference. Whether you are looking to expand your existing operations in the country or planning to set up outside, we provide a one-stop solution to thoroughly take care of all the intricacies involved in the process. Besides our competence in accounting and tax, our strength lies in the ability to be your business and commercial adviser and managing your entire set up plan. Right from conceptualisation phase to being your implementation partner, acquisitions and joint ventures, we take care of it all. Our consultants can also help you with talent management, payroll services and day-to-day business management services.

Our experience that has been gained over the years can facilitate you to get an edge and know-how to help you out in the most effective manner. Our team of professionals can guide you at every significant stage before you can set-up your business. Our consultants will offer adequate information that covers business environment, social norms, taxation policies, and insurance amid other necessary information required for setting up a business in India. Once your business is set up, we can even take care of your book-keeping, payroll, management reporting and compliance requirements. With years of experience, we can add value to your expansion plan by looking after these functions while you focus on your business.

Setting up a business in India involves various steps; however we can briefly tell you what all we provide:

Customize your needs

Based on your business size, your needs may differ – we customise our services to your requirements. We can help you at any stage of your entry plan. We will share our knowledge and design a package of services that is relevant specifically to your business. Our experience, practical and commercial understanding of the process will help you to set your own business successfully. It could be a company, a branch, a partnership firm or proprietorship.

Approval for Investments

In today’s world setting up a business and making investment generally do not require any approval and is covered under the automatic route. However, in case of some industries approval is required for setting up business. We provide services for obtaining approvals; for formulating strategy and for mode of business setup etc.

Beyond business setup

We can assist you with all that needs to be done while entering business world – right from liaising with a market research firm, pre-investment advisory on available opportunities, validating your business plan, selecting the correct form of entity, providing regulatory and tax advisory or getting you in touch with the right people, right vendors and more. But our job doesn’t get over just there. Once your business is set up, you can rely on us for book-keeping, payroll, management reporting, company secretarial and compliance requirements.

Business setup in no time

A business setup to become fully functional requires registration with various tax, labor and other authorities. Our business setup solution provides services for registration with various authorities immediately after incorporation. This leads to providing our clients ready to operate business setup within a short period of time

For availing business set-up services offered at Gapeseed Consulting, you can either call or e-mail us at As soon as you contact us, our representative would get back to you with appropriate quote for the services offered. For more details, you can download the Free Guide on Setting up a Business in India from the resource section.

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