Taxation for Expatriate

The idea of this post is to streamline the taxation process for an expatriate. Expatriate taxation is variedly provided as a service from taxation firms, CAs, CFOs. The edge we have over others is that we have been dealing with expatriates across the country that are being designated time-bound projects in the major cities like Bangalore, Delhi-NCR, Ahmadabad etc. Through this post we have attempted to simplify the Indian Tax System.
Following are the basics about Understanding Indian Tax System which are a must to understand the Expatriate Taxation:

1. Resident: If a person spends an aggregate of 182 days or more in India in the relevant tax year then the person is considered as a resident. Further, if a person stays in India for 60 days in the relevant year and in the last 4 years proceeding the relevant year has spent 365 or more days, she/he is considered a Resident of India.
2. Non-Resident: If the person is unable to satisfy the above conditions then he/she is not a resident of India.
3. Resident But Not Ordinarily Resident: A resident has to fulfil any one of the following conditions to be considered as a “resident but not ordinarily resident”:
-He or she has been a Non- resident for 9 out of 10 preceding years to the relevant year.
– He or she has been in India for 729 days or less during the last 7 years preceding the relevant year.
4. Resident and Ordinary Resident: A resident individual satisfying none of the above conditions is considered as a “Resident and Ordinary Resident”


Taxable Income
Not Over Tax on column 1(INR) Percentage on Excess
0 2,50,000 0%
2,50,001 5,00,000 0 10%
5,00,001 10,00,000 25,000 20%
10,00,001 1,25,000 30%


What to do Before You arrive in India?


What to do when you arrive in India?


What to do at the end of Tax Year?


What to do when you are leaving India?


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