Remote Staffing Solutions For Hassle Free Expansion

Now-a-days more and more companies, from small to big are moving into remote staffing.

Remote staffing is all about hiring remote employees at a fraction of cost compared to in-house employees. It not only helps to save money but helps to gain global exposure. The reasons why business enterprises are looking for such services revolve around mostly on economic factors. Remote Staffing reduces the need for office space hence induces cost cutting, adds on to flexibility in work schedules, reduces hassle with the usage of technology etc. Whether a company is a start-up or an established one, there’s certainly more ground for improvement with regards to remote staffing services. Let’s discuss the top reasons why one should consider taking advantage of remote staffing innovation.

Time Management

A team of virtual staff helps to fulfill tasks at a limited frame of time. If a certain assignment needs to be completed, one can just assign a deadline with a level of urgency and can expect it to be completed within the allotted time frame.

Delegating Tasks

An enterprise can be overburdened with many projects at one time. And in such instances remote staffing comes as a rescuer. It not only saves on time but it’s a cost friendly way of acquiring results in the desired time.

Easy Hiring

Hiring employees is a meticulous process of filtering the right candidate that involves a lot of time. In order to deliver urgent projects within a short span of time, one may not follow that process to pick the right candidate. This can be eliminated if one opts for remote hiring since an outsourcing company can take care of this easily and in no time.

Remote Staffing Services by Gapeseed

The need for a remote staffing team arises when you notice that you no longer enough time and space at work. Hiring such a team is the perfect solution for each time you get overwhelmed by the numerous tasks that sometimes need to be done simultaneously. That’s where Gapeseed’s services save you. Gapeseed Facility and Management Services offers Remote Staffing, Temporary & Permanent Solutions to International or national businesses expanding in India.

Gapeseed offers a low cost human resource outsourcing solution to ease small and mid-sized businesses by introducing an extension to the traditional form of outsourcing i.e. remote staffing. The solution lets you delegate most of the duties to a competent virtual team which further gets you time to pursue other fields to focus on like other tasks, side projects etc.

Our Remotely Managed Services are available for Foreign Corridors, MNCs expanding to India and national corporations which are expanding or intend to expand in various states of India.

Offshore Remote Staffing Services

Gapeseed acts as a foreign subsidiary for its clients. As per the requirement, the client can simply hire one remote employee on part-time employee leasing basis or a team on full-time leasing basis. This facility is like an extension to your own office. The dedicated offshore remote staffing facility leverages Gapeseed’s technical infrastructure, processes and execution capabilities.

Employee Monitoring Services

Gapeseed Consulting provides its clients with daily range of reports designed to allow them to easily monitor remote staff’s productivity. The reports are logged into a web-based application systematically so that the offshore employer/client can run reports on any range of dates. Through these reports the client can find out the status of the job assigned. This further helps the companies to calculate the efficiency of each low cost offshore employee and compare them with the rest of the in-house employees.

Data Security Services

With Gapeseed’s advance technology system, management tasks by quantifying data, processing them and keeping them safe gets easier. The system is potent enough to never give a chance to employers/clients to complain about data loss. Not only just the security of the data, accessing restrictions can be set through the system, performances can be monitored and our clients get the entire charge to maintain exclusive control and access to the system.

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