International Taxation Consultancy

Once you have set your business and are on the stages of expanding it many of the entrepreneurs wonder whether they should make foreign investments or operations or not.  When it comes to an international market operation things get a bit complicated as it creates a variety of structures at the same time you need to select the right tax advisor that has competency in that particular commercial area. The boundaries of international taxation has been increasing this is where the international taxation consultancy is require who can tackle all the compliances related to international taxation.

We at Gapeseed Consulting provide all required services which give all the solutions related to International Taxation Consultancy, we can help you understand your tax situation; you must first work out whether you are an Indian resident for tax purposes. Indian residents are generally taxed on their worldwide income from all sources. Foreign residents are generally taxed only on their Indian-sourced income, such as money they earn working in India.

Some of the services we offer are:

Transfer pricing planning and documentation:

Tax authorities are everywhere and are always eager to get revenue, not only that but they are imposing new, stricter transfer-pricing documentation requirements on companies – and sharply escalating audits and inspections – with significant penalties for non-compliance.

Meanwhile, as you expand your operations to compete on an international scale, your cross-border transactions – sales of goods, provisions of services, licensing of intellectual property, lending of funds, etc. – will continue to grow in frequency and complexity.

At Gapeseed Consulting we understand the increasing globalisation, faced with increasingly burdensome compliance globally. In many businesses a new sense of urgency about maintaining effective and consistent transfer pricing documentation across all tax jurisdictions in which they do business.

Dispute Resolution:

Our international taxation consultancy tax dispute resolution network assists taxpayers in this emerging area. We can work with you to efficiently manage, and favourably resolve tax audits and disputes throughout the world. We have tax specialists to assist our clients in virtually every area of dispute. We combine deep technical understanding, local knowledge and strong relationships with government officials, tax litigation experience, and a global perspective to provide you with best of the services.

Advance pricing agreement:

We can help your company to obtain advance pricing agreement covering a broad range of intercompany transactions. We have our professionals who hail from industry, and with foreign governments—including senior-level positions in governmental agencies responsible for administering advance pricing agreement.

We can work with you to develop strategies at both the global and local level, and guide you through the process of requesting advance pricing agreement to help you ensure successful outcomes.

Intellectual property valuation:

Our experienced team of IP and intangible asset valuers apply commercial valuation principles and adopt a range of complex valuation methodologies to produce robust analysis to assist in negotiations, decision making, legal disputes and investment analysis.

We have in-depth sector experience across a broad range of industries and are therefore familiar with working alongside marketing, sales, technical and research staff to gain a deep insight into the subject IP.

Our services include:

Valuing a brand or other IP in relation to a potential sale or licensing agreement. Considering the value of brand, technology or other assets in the context of a contribution to a joint venture or alliance. Valuing IP / intangible assets for financial reporting purposes under international, US and UK accounting standards. Providing independent valuations of IP for commercial disputes or expert witness reports. Assessing the market value of IP/intangible assets for tax purposes.

If you would like to know more about our international taxation consultancy for your businesses you can drop us a line here or, call +91-9599444639/+91-9599444630

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