8 Tips to retain the best of your employees

In any business, big or small, one of the major tasks is to retain the best and most skilled employees. There’re a lot of things a person must keep in mind, when handling employees. For a long term stay in an organisation, any employee would have certain expectations from the organisation. Let us check the,

8 tips on how to retain the best of your employees

Gapeseed Consulting emphasizes on Employee Motivation, Engagement and Appreciation as the prime factor in retaining an organisational culture. Any culture is defined by the people, the employees and the teams. And to turn people into employees and then team, you need to create a culture and the following tips shall help:

• Reward, Recognition and Appreciation

If an employee works up to the standard, or does something out of the box for organizational benefit, he / she in return expects and deserves appreciation. This appreciation could be done in the form of rewards, like increments, trophies, bonus, monetary awards, additional perks. The employee should get due recognition for the hard work and dedication.

• Equitable treatment

Every employee, working on the same level, putting the same amount of effort deserves equal opportunities and equal treatment. For example, if in an organisation, ‘A’ is paid more than ‘B’, working on the same level because he’s connected to the senior, it will automatically pull B’s morale down. If there’s any discrimination against an employee, he would probably start finding other opportunities for growth.

• Proper Supervision

People leave managers and supervisors more often than they leave companies or jobs. The expectations for employees should be well defined to prevent confusions and agony in the future.
There should be clarity about expectations,earning potential,feedback about performance, scheduled meetings.

• Freedom of expression

Any employee wouldn’t want to leave an organization where he is free to express his thoughts and ideas, sometimes employees can come up with brilliant strategies and ideas and when they are left unheard or ignored, it lowers the employees morale. Their expression can prove to be very beneficial.

• Don’t threaten employees’ job or income

A threat to an employee’s job or income makes him feel as if he needs to search for a new platform to exploit his potential. Under any circumstances, this shouldn’t be done to the hardworking and dedicated employees.

• Clean out the dead weight

This sounds tough, but works for an organization’s benefit. There may be people in the organisation who hold other employees back in certain ways like negativity, unethical work, politics, gossips etc. Great people need to work with other great people. Do the hard work of removing those who slow everyone else and the organisation down.

• Friendly Competition

Employees can be put into friendly competition; this could be done by building teams and framing equal time spans for completion of certain tasks. These tasks could fetch the employees awards in form of monetary rewards, trophies etc. Such competitions, help employees work harder to increase their potential and opportunities.

• Above market Standard Rate

When some employees work beyond their boundaries, beyond their comfort for the benefit of the firm, they deserve more than the rate established by the market. This doesn’t imply that they need to be given sky high salaries, somewhere 20%-30% above the standard rate for the job so that they value doing it in the firm.

The above are 8 tips to retain the best of your employees, the same can be picked individually or one at a time. The idea is to make stronger and more approachable workplaces by creating an appropriate environment. You can connect with Gapeseed Consulting for processes or interim HR services through consultants to create HR Systems and align them with your organisational goals.

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